Over the Decades: Decor Trends


Home décor trends have definitely made some interesting changes over the past half-century. Interestingly, many of the style trends seen in homes in the 1950s made a reappearance in the early 2000s. The home design style commonly referred to as ‘mid-century modern,’ actually started in the late 1940s and flourished in the 1950s in homes across America.


1950s Style

Centered primarily around ranch houses, the mid-century home décor style includes open floor-plans, room divider screens and plenty of glass doors to let in ample natural lighting. The colors most often used in the 1950s were bright. Oftentimes, walls were more neutral, while décor pieces or furniture offered pops of color. Carpeting and concrete flooring could be found throughout many homes, with kitchens and bathrooms typically floored with vinyl. 1950s home décor was overall quite minimalist, with clean lines and geometric shapes everywhere.


1960s – 1970s Style

When we talk about ‘retro’ design, we’re usually referring to the 60s and 70s. Many Americans were rebelling against older traditions, and this mentality brought with it a dynamic style, both in attire and home décor. The Beatles brought about a surge of discotheques, or nightclubs. Younger Americans brought styles from the nightclubs into their homes, utilizing mirrors and a lot of metallic surfaces. The colors found in houses were bright and often contrasting. Ethnic prints were quite popular, as was “flower power” and abstract designs.


1980s Style

In hindsight, many people now refer to the 80s as the ugliest design period in recent history. Home décor elements included: chintz, pastel colors, overstuffed furniture, floral pattern overload, track lighting, and busy wallpaper in every room. However, for some who grew up in the 1980s, these style elements bring back a warm feeling of nostalgia.


1990s Style

The early 90s saw the bright colors of the hippy era and the pastels of the 80s fade away as a more neutral palette was favored. Beige was a popular design color, as was white and brown. However, as the decade slid closer to the new millennium, everyone seemed to tire of the minimalist color schemes. Flower patterns were back in a big way in the late 90s. Textured painting became popular, along with carpet in bathrooms!


The 2000s – Present Day Style

The new millennium brought with it a much more relaxed approach to home décor and style. Homes everywhere became less formal as more and more people began to spend more time at home. Many people also started working from home, leading to the concept of the home office. Formal living rooms have gone out of style and haven’t made a comeback in middle-class America. As the technology age continues to influence our lives, it also has brought computerized elements into virtually every room of the home.


Comfort remains a key element in today’s overall home design. Luxurious bathrooms and kitchens with all of the bells and whistles are increasingly popular, as is a high tech outdoor living space. As Americans continue to do most of their entertaining at home, home design has become more about comfort and convenience rather than a specific look.
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