Summer comes with so many things that bring joy - there’s sun and warmth, and outdoor gatherings and longer days. The winter? Well, that’s a different story. But there is one thing that very few people can argue with and that is; winter is a time where you get to really lean into feeling warm and cozy right at home. The Danish and Norwegian (who have a lot of practice with dark, winter days) call this concept “hygge”, and while we may not have a full name or word for the feeling, we’re determined to up the warm and cozy. 

Below are some of our favorite ways to make that happen:

Candle Inspired Lighting

Think candles. While candles are the obvious - we aren’t saying just go out and buy more candles. Think about the type of light that candles give off and emulate it with multiple different sources of lighting. Go for warmer bulbs (as opposed to the cool, blue hue of LEDs) and smaller, dispersed lights. Avoid a single light from above. Combining candles, lamps, and maybe even a classy string light should do the trick to give you that perfect ambiance lighting.

A Little Shag on the Rugs

While shag carpeting already had its day in the ’70s, a little shag, high pile, or something fuzzy as an accent floor covering will bring a new layer of coziness to your place. It’s both the look and the soft feel that give the essence of warmth. House Beautiful list has some examples, but fit them to your own style and home, of course. 

Textiles & Texture

More textiles …  everywhere! Adding textiles to your tables, couches and beds creates the look and feel of softer surfaces and layers - both factors that influence the coziness scale. Need help with what that may look like? Think about different textures of linen placemats and napkins for your table, as well as additional throw blankets and pillows in different textures for the coach and bed.

A Curated Scent

You may not realize it, but most places that you associate specific feelings of warmth with have a certain smell. Grandma’s kitchen? Check. Your favorite restaurant? Check. While you may not have nonstop cookies in the oven, you can certainly curate the smell you’re looking for with candles, your stove (simply cinnamon sticks in water does wonders), melting wax or so many other options. Curate your perfect winter aroma and let it linger all winter! 

Cozy Nooks

In the summer, you may not even notice the empty far-end of the room void of furniture, or the corner by the window with nothing in it - but with more time spent indoors and more need for cozy places to curl up, take advantage of those spaces! Set up a cozy chair with a throw on it and a small side table for a whole new reading nook to start those winter mornings.

Winter-Proof Plants

Just because all the plants outside are dead, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own little plant oasis inside! Plants give more texture, elements of interest, and vibrancy to indoor spaces - all needs in the winter! Look for plants that are okay with low light for the freedom to put them in the exact spot you’d like without worrying about the amount of sunlight coming through.

Add a Little Round

Adding a touch of “roundness” to your decor adds an instantaneous element of relaxation. Whether it be a round mirror, large round centerpiece, or artwork, make sure you get a little curved inspiration into your space.

Bulk Up Your Bath

Being cold does not give the warm and cozy experience, and cold bathrooms are truly the opposite. To keep all areas warm and cozy, splurge a little on heavy, decadent bath towels, a plush bath mat, and hey, why not a nice bathrobe and slippers while you’re at it?

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