It feels like everyone followed a similar pattern over the past few months in terms of cooking: the pandemic happened and everyone decided they were going to cook and bake like they never had before (four-week sourdough recipe, why not?). Slowly, as the weather warmed up, take out wasn’t as scary and as life inched ever so slightly closer to “normal”, cooking and baking were no longer at the top of most people’s list. Now, cooler weather is rolling in, and warm, nourishing meals sound so good … if only there was the time again to cook! Enter: slow cookers. We’ve gathered our top five favorite slow cooker recipes so you can fix it and forget it until you’re ready to sit down to that warm deliciousness! 

Bon Appetit’s Slow Cooker Pot Roast

We’re going to cut to the chase: the reason that a Bon Appetit recipe is at the top of the list is because Bon Appetit’s Youtube channel may or may not have stolen our hearts during quarantine, along with a few million other of our closest foodie friends. (But seriously, have you seen their test kitchen? It’s the stuff elevated-box brownie dreams are made of). Bon Appetit not only makes the average food lover feel like you’re off on an epicurious at-home adventure, but if you’re willing to peel yourself from youtube to the kitchen, they really do have recipes that actually do make great cooking possible. For slow cooker recipes they, of course, figured out 10 ways to elevate any recipe, including this stellar Slow Cooker Pot Roast that tastes “miles ahead” of other slow cooker recipes as one critic shared.

Ambitious Kitchen’s Slow Cooker Yellow Chicken Curry

Monique, your fun-loving, “let’s still eat amazing food, but be healthy” type of blogger is an amazing inspiration of how to have good food, that’s good for you on her blog, “Ambitious Kitchen”. One of the most fun things she does are weeks dedicated to certain foods - so for instance, “Zucchini Week” in the summer truly had everything you could ever hope for in terms of using your Zucchini! 

Needless to say, her recipes are tried and true, and her Slow Cooker Yellow Chicken Curry is no exception! It’s creamy, warming, full of veggies - and most of all, healthier and cheaper than the take-out version! Next time you’re thinking of picking up some curry, think about treating yourself to this at home deliciousness instead! 

Half Baked Harvest’s Slow Cooker Lemony Garlic Chicken & Orzo Soup

If recipes could be both “to-the-nines” decadent, as well as simple and approachable, it would have to be Half Baked Harvest. Oftentimes, her recipes have a good amount of ingredients, and layers and layers of flavor - yet the recipes are mapped out in a way that truly anyone with a kitchen can master. Tieghan, of Half Baked Harvest, typically puts a delicious flair on all her recipes, and true to form her Lemony Garlic Chicken & Orzo soup takes a traditional “chicken and rice soup” and elevates it. With caramelized garlic, fresh herbs, and lots of lemon, we can literally smell the comfort as we type.

FOOD52’s Slow Cooker Overnight Steel-Cut Oats

There’s something special about waking up to a warm breakfast once the temperatures start to drop that truly can’t be replaced. And what’s the only thing better than that warm breakfast? A warm breakfast that is already cooked and gently wafting scents of honey throughout your home, of course. How do you make this dream come true? The solution is Overnight Steel-Cut Oats with Almond Butter & Honey. (And no, you aren’t wrong for suddenly craving oatmeal at this moment!) It’s warm, subtly sweet, and has an amazing texture. 

Damn Delicious’ Slow Cooker Enchilada Stack

The beauty of a slow cooker is that something that is notoriously labor-intensive, like … say, homemade enchiladas - can essentially be piled into a crockpot to work its magic. With that being said, we found a crowd favorite on the popular Damn Delicious blog, the Slow Cooker Enchilada Stack, aside from browning the beef (which could of course be omitted for a vegetarian meal), all you’re doing is layering! This recipe is truly a “fix it and forget it” instead of a brown, roast, stuff, roll, and sauce type of recipe! Enjoy!

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