Many of us notice that fashion trends cycle quickly; we shop for clothes often, so naturally, we see the changes as they happen. Of course, this same trend cycling occurs in interior design, but because the changes are gradual and incremental, it can be difficult to determine when the majority opinion swings against a style.

This year, though, there are marked changes from even a few years ago. Take for example the mid-century modern design trend. It had become so pervasive that the look is virtually indistinguishable from contemporary design, yet this year designers are pushing back. Wall-to-wall mid-century modern is out, ceding its spot atop the pile to an array of colorful, textural, personal decorating trends that make 2019 the perfect year to reimagine your home’s interior.

The Trend: Bringing the Spa and Resort Feel Home

Modern humans travel further than any people who have come before us, and in our travels, we’ve discovered that resorts and spas make us feel relaxed and happy. Not content to leave this delicious feeling behind, homeowners are deciding to recreate the spa experience in their own homes.

From candles and soft wooden cosmetic organizers to free-standing stone tubs and fountains, there are spa and resort touches that will work for any home and any budget. For this trend, the most important thing is to be in tune with what will make you feel as relaxed and centered as possible. From there, it will be simple to find ways to weave those design elements throughout your home.

The Trend: Maximalism

While the dove gray and neutral cream interiors of years past are still beautiful and elegant, homeowners are getting tired of seeing the same sterile, drab kitchens and living rooms.

This year, the trend is maximalism, or the infusion of one’s own personality into the living space. Rather than agonizing over making sure everything in your living space conforms to a rigid design ideal (“Does this painting flow with the rug? Does the rug need to be less intrusive?”), you should feel free to embrace the styles and color palettes you love.

According to the maximalist designer, your home should be a reflection of who you are, not a reflection of your ability to keep up with which metallic finish is hottest this year. Be confident in what you enjoy and allow your personality to infuse your home with warmth, color, and texture.

The Trend: Painted Cabinets

Dark and cherry cabinets are finally out, fully giving way to soft, painted cabinets. This trend, a welcome revival of an adored classic, works in especially contemporary spaces.

If your cabinets are in need of a facelift, you can jump on this trend to buy yourself time. Just make sure you research how to appropriately prep, paint, and rehang the doors; this project isn’t as simple as painting a bedroom.

The Trend: Expressive Backsplashes

As kitchens become less cluttered and increasingly spacious, homeowners are looking for statement décor that doesn’t rely on massive light fixtures. The winner? Gorgeous backsplashes that take up as much space as possible.

This year, showstoppers like agate stone tile, classics like subtle arabesque tile, and even subway tiles (but no more black and white, please) will continue to make a huge splash. If you decide to commission a backsplash, you and your contractor can create a unique piece of functional art that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

The Trend: Expanded Outdoor Cooking Zones

Now more than at any time since the 60s, homeowners want to head outdoors to cook. This time, though, grill masters are looking for upgraded outdoor cooking zones with professional gas grills, refrigeration, full sinks, and comfortable seating. If you love entertaining during the summer, investing in an outdoor kitchen space might be the trend for you.

The Trend: Committing to a Wall-to-Wall Accent Color

After at least fifteen years of lone accent walls, 2019 is the year we reclaim the accent room. This trend is more popular for small, private spaces like bedrooms, media rooms, offices, and bathrooms. Deep, rich colors like navy blue, forest green, and even black have been rapidly gaining momentum.

Social media has played a part in this trend’s resurgence because it creates a photogenic backdrop, but it’s also the kind of thing homeowners are falling in love with when they visit their friends’ homes. Wall-to-wall navy might sound intense, but done right, the accent room is cozy, relaxed, and inviting.

The Trend: Layers of Inviting, Feminine Textures

Rather than relying on a stock arrangement of statement pieces, this year’s modern living room is embracing a touch of boho. Stark, minimalist interiors are giving way to blush hues, warm neutrals, and froths of soft texture. Expect to see patterned fabrics returning, but look for a clean, modern approach if you want to avoid a hippie feel.

In contrast to the hard, clean lines of the mid-century modern look, this year we will see an organic mix of modern and vintage, with curves and texture replacing the sterile ideal.

The Trend: Delicate Floral Wallpapers and Fabrics

If your home has more traditional architectural features, this year’s fabrics and wallpapers may present a temptation toward the romantic. Classic florals, whether deconstructed, abstract or unapologetically chintzy, is poised for a revival we haven’t seen since the 90s.

You don’t have to embrace wall-to-wall floral to make this trend work for you, though; a bedspread, understated section of wallpaper, or even some vintage botanical prints are simple ways to explore the Victorian garden look gradually.


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